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Summary of your contract

src Subscriber information

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[civilite-payeur] [nom-payeur] [raisonSocial-payeur] [prenom-payeur] [numSiret-payeur]

[adresse-payeur], [code-payeur] [ville-payeur], [pays-payeur]
[indicatif-payeur] [telephone_fix-payeur]

src Beneficiary (s) of the contract

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[[personne--nom]] [[personne--prenom]]

[[personne--date-naiss]] - [[personne--nationalite]]
Passeport N° [[personne--passeport]]
for the whole period
[[personne--devis-pp]] €


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srcDetails of your contract
Start date of the contract
src [provenance_pays]
End date of the contract
src [destination_pays]

Total amount
of the contract

[devis-st] €

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