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Flight Delay and
Cancellation Insurance

Automatic and instant
compensation by Blockchain
in the event of a flight cancelled
by the airline and/or flight delay
exceeding 2 hours  on arrival

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This is an innovative insurance solution because it uses the Blockchain technology to “check” any possible delay of your flight.

If the airline unexpectedly cancels your flight just before departure or if your flight is delayed more than 2 hours on arrival, this will automatically trigger an indemnity procedure with the insured policyholders. All procedures are therefore automated, based on the conditions set out in your “Smart Contract” Insurance Policy.

This insurance may be purchased under the following conditions :

  • You must purchase this insurance up to 3 days before departure.
  • Available for any flights to or from an airport located in a country within the European Union.

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Up to 300€
in the event of

You planned everything but that! The airline decides to cancel your flight at the last minute… nothing will fix this inconvenience, except a lump sum indemnity of €300 to be automatically paid to you…

Forget months of waiting and claim procedure to get your indemnity. with Worldcare Flight Cancellation Insurance, you immediately receive an SMS after the official announcement of cancellation of your flight. Simply provide the account you want the money to be refunded into.
It’s automatic, fast, and very simple!

Up to €250
in case of delay
on arrival

The delay of an inbound flight is defined as the delta between the initially scheduled arrival time as indicated on the air ticket and the actual arrival time at the disembarking gate of the airport of arrival.

The lump sum (and non-cumulative) indemnity provided for delayed flight on arrival is set based on the reported delay :

  • Flight delayed between 1h00 et 1h59min : €0 inc. tax
  • Flight delayed between 2h00 et 2h59min : €50 inc. tax
  • Flight delayed between 3h00 et 3h59min : €100 inc. tax
  • Flight delayed between 4h00 et 4h59min : €150 inc. tax
  • Flight delay exceeding 5 hours : €250 including tax

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